Moisture King™ Dehumidifiers

The Superior Electric Moisture Control Unit!

Why control moisture?

Moisture can, and will get into confined areas and cause items to mildew, mold, and rot. Moisture can also cause musty, and offensive odors. Moisture also causes metal items to rust. By eliminating the cause, (MOISTURE), we have found that we have been able to eliminate most of these problems. By eliminating mold spores, which need moisture to survive, you also reduce a lot of the problems associated with allergies and asthma. MOISTURE KING™ can help with these problems.


MOISTURE KING™ is a drying unit that consists of either a 15 watt or a 25 watt heating element enclosed in a seamless 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 inch aluminum tube that is plugged into a 110 volt outlet and placed in the confined area to eliminate moisture in a multitude of applications. The MOISTURE KING™ produces a mild, yet aggressive (DRY HEAT).

How the MOISTURE KING™ works?

The MOISTURE KING™ dehumidifier is placed in a low place in the confined area, such as a closet or a safe, or a gun cabinet or piano. The reason for placing the MOISTURE KING™ at the lower portion of the enclosed area is simple..... HEAT RISES!!! As the air at the bottom of the enclosed area is mildly warmed, it becomes lighter, and it begins to rise and forces the cool moist air down. The cool moist air is then warmed and caused to rise, thus causing a circulation effect to eliminate the moisture in the enclosed area.

Many people ask, "Where does the moisture go?" Well, when you dry your hair using a hair dryer, Where does the moisture go? We simply use the same principle. By warming the air, we dry it out!!!


Guns Safes & Cabinets Pianos & Instruments Closets & Basements Kitchen, Bed & Bath

Our Guarantee

Your Moisture King™, except the cordset, is guaranteed for life from the date of purchase. In order to validate the guarantee, retain your dealer's invoice or sales slip showing the date of purchase. Should the need arise, return the defective Moisture King with the sales slip or invoice, or a copy thereof. Moisture King Co. will replace or repair any Moisture King which fails to operate within the lifetime of the purchaser. The guarantee does not apply to units which have been subjected to obvious abuse, or to units where the cordset has become inoperative for any reason. If a Moisture King is to be repaired or replaced in accordance with the guarantee, return to Moisture King with a $5.00 shipping and handling fee.

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